Workout to feeding
in an instant

The supportive, clip-free nursing sports bra of your dreams


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Nurse On-the-go

Convenient, & discreet access to feed anytime, anywhere.

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Pump with ease

No more DIY pumping bras. Place the flange between the layers to hands-free pump.

Move with confidence

Built without any cumbersome clips ensuring you never have to sacrifice form over function.

scoop neck vs high neck


Designed for your needs, not just your baby's

This unique clip-free style looks and functions like a traditional sports bra, but with the full functionality of a nursing bra. Our bras are purpose-built to support athletic movements with bounce-reducing designs that provide compression without constriction and amazing breathability.

feel like yourself doing the activities you love

while having easy, discreet access when the feeding frenzy strikes

Wear long after you're done nursing or pumping

Unlike most postpartum products that are likely to end up in the landfill, ours meet the demands of today’s active mom, designed to not scream “nursing wear” and ensure they are timeless additions to any wardrobe.

our story

Every mom is an athlete

As former collegiate athletes, long-time wellness professionals, and friends, cofounders chiropractor Dr. Karlie Causey & strength coach Jess Fleming have worked with thousands of athletes, many of them moms.

Throughout their over 20 years of experience fitness, they have seen first hand how birthing is one of the most athletic things moms put their bodies through. Jen & Keri was founded on their core belief that every mom is an athlete. Whether you’re feeding at the end of a half-marathon, competing in a volleyball tournament, or simply making the time for a run or session on a stationary bike, Jen & Keri’s high-impact sports bras are built to support the inner-athlete at all levels.