Jen & Keri Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

Our first holiday gift guide for new moms is here! We’ve curated a list of our tried and true favorites. Pass this list along to a new mom or anyone who may need holiday gift-giving inspiration for the postpartum athlete in their life.

Check out the list below:

For getting back to activity

1. A supportive nursing sports bra. Slip on this sports bra before a workout for support during your workout and easy access to nursing after. This sports bra is designed for comfort and functionality.  Shop Here

2. A foam roller. One thing no one tell you about nursing; how your neck and upper back can become from being rounded forward! Use the foam roller for 2-5 min per day to extend your upper back and stretch out your chest to help with neck and upper back pain. Shop Website  Shop on Amazon

3. A plan to restore your core. Breathing, mobilization, and progressive strength building are the perfect gift for the newly postpartum athlete. All exercises only take 20-25 minutes per day! Shop Here


For feeding

1. Some nipple butter. Keep your nipples happy and free from getting cracked and broken during those first days of nursing (and beyond!). This moisturizing organic formula is also available in a vegan version and doesn't need to be washed off before nursing. Shop Website  Shop on Amazon


2. A nursing pillow. Taking care of your baby also means taking care of you. We love having a couple of these in the house in various areas you nurse to help you keep better posture and support while you nurse your little one! Shop Website  Shop on Amazon

3. A bandana bib (or two!) You have no idea how many bibs you will actually go through with a newborn! Keep them in this super soft and absorbent bib so you just have to change the bib after those spit ups, and not the whole outfit. Shop Here


4. A lactation supplement. We have heard great things about all this companies' nursing supplements but we especially love this Fenugreek free lactation support version! Help keep milk production up with one simple supplement. Shop Website  Shop on Amazon


For fueling yourself

1. A water bottle with a straw. Always have a full water cup at arms reach! The straw cap makes life easier by not having to worry about flipping open a lid during those nursing sessions when you get so thirsty. Shop Here


2. Some ready-to-go smoothies. A simple way to fuel yourself and feel nourished quickly without any prep work. We suggest stocking up on these easy to defrost, tasty smoothies. Shop Here


3. Some restorative super greens. While this is a brand mostly know for its supplements for Crossfit, this green juice is the best we've tried so far. This is an easy way to get your greens in during pregnancy and when you're figuring out new-mom life. Try the strawberry dragonfruit...yummm. Shop Here

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