Fit Guide

Confused on size?

Check out our simple sizing chart to translate your current bra size (i.e. 34C into our S-XXXL sizing) or follow the easy steps below to measure yourself for the perfect fit!

Find your waistband measurement

Measure around the rib cage just under your bust (where a normal bra band would sit.) Make sure the measuring tape is snug. This is your band measurement. 

Find your bust measurement

Using the same measuring tape, measure at the fullest part of your breast. Be sure to keep the measuring tape snug and parallel to the floor all the way around your body.

Put it all together

Using these two numbers, consult our sizing chart to find the perfect fit! Remember, this bra is supposed to be compressive for high impact activity. If you prefer less compression, feel free to size up. Like more compression? Size down! 

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